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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Horse Showing

Well this year I am focusing more on hanging out with my sister on the semi-local show circuit.

Here's a few pictures taken at the Cloverdale Indiana Arabian Horse Show last weekend:

This one is Ashley aka The Princess on Tiny Tina. They are a good pair. Still learning to trust each other, but coming right along. Tina is an Arabian. I remember my legs being so short they didn't go below the saddle flaps - Ashley is following right in her mothers footsteps!

This is Ashley and Tina with Grandma. My mom is way cool with her sun glasses on indoors! Isn't she pretty in pink?

This is what happens between classes:
Soon will be pictures of the garden - got the salsa garden planted and the spring garlic bed with Silver Rose. The garlic is already up four inches in two weeks. I was concerned that I may have planted it to late - we'll see how it forms up. Not sure what stops it's growing cycle heat or maturity. I hope it can stand a warm summer because I don't expect it to be mature until July/Aug. Last year it matured in June. Over at Clayhill we planted hardneck in the fall - they are doing nicely. My hardnecks I planted in La Tres Belle got their feet too wet and haven't produced. I also ordered Pioneer garlic but they didn't seem to survive the shipping here and are moldy - I'll ask for a replacement be shipped this summer for fall planting.
I am getting ready to plant my seeds from Survival Seeds. I'll update you on how those grow!
Happy Spring!