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Monday, September 29, 2008

Apple Sauce or Apple Filling???

My friend gave me two bags of apples from her sister's tree. They are really small green ones but very sweet and flavorful. I decided that in addition to the other tasks I accomplished this weekend I would make applesauce from them.

I found a really easy recipe on line - just cook down the apples with a little water for about 30 minutes. Brown sugar and cinnamon to taste, then blend or food mill until smooth.

The recipe worked well except since I didn't have a food mill I decided to cook the apples down to applesauce consistency. And, my husband was about to go out to work on the house and I needed him to be the taste test for sugar since he was the main consumer. To get that accomplished I put the sugar and cinnamon in about half way through. I also cooked the apples for about an hour using a potato masher most of the time. The result was the applesauce tastes like apple filling because of the small chunks of apple. It is pretty good especially on a breakfast I needed another reason to enjoy biscuits! It is awesome warmed up served atop ice cream...see previous statement...

Anyway, good easy recipe and suitable for freezing. We'll have delicious apple filling heated up on those cold winter mornings. Try this one out - you'll love it - because it tastes good and it's easy!

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Amy said...

Sounds delicious! I like how you just used a potato masher--especially since I don't have a food mill and my blender died. I am hoping to get some apples from north GA soon....when I can get up there!
Thanks for posting my recipe as the recipe of the day!