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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The best-laid plans...

Well, I posted yesterday that I was going to Melissa's house to drink wine and stain siding. I was half right - we drank wine, but Melissa wasn't staining siding - she had just finished dinner. So, instead of staining siding, we sat on her unfinished front porch and admired the beautiful sunset while we talked about her new job (yes, she has a neat new job but I'll let her post the details, and that's why I'm filling in over here for a bit - she is getting up to speed on the ins and outs of things) and about my pediatric operating room clinical experience (I love kids but do NOT like putting them to sleep for surgery) and about life in general. And, yes, I'm in a run-on sort of mood tonight.

Then, we took a short walk and I helped a princess dry her hair (because we all know how important it is for princesses to have dry, tangle-free hair!). By the time we'd done all that, I was ready for bed. Bedtime comes early around here! And, that said, it's nearly time for bed again, so I'll close this (admittedly) short post with a simple wish for all of you - that you have good friends, good wine and lots of rest!


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