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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vertigo Saga

When I got home from work yesterday, much to my surprise there was my husband in the middle of the great room on the top rung of a step ladder, balanced on the top level of scaffolding stretching above his head to hang the ceiling fan fixture from the center beam! Then over to the side was my nephew (Terri's middle son Brian) leaning against the chaise ledge atop an extension ladder at about the 15 foot level. They renewed my queasy feeling. We talked about my daring feat of yesterday, which I was extremely proud of after which I immediately asked Brian what he was doing the next day....he readily agreed to help Uncle Dan with the east end windows and spare my life. I asked if he wasn't concerned about heights and he laughed that shy little embarrassed teenage boy laugh which I interpreted as indication that I was an out of it wimp!

I danced a jig and told Brian he had earned the coveted favored nephew status crown. It might take a bit for my other nieces and nephews to de-throne him!

The other good news was that with the scaffolding in the middle of the room and the top level using my staining boards, I was off for the evening. This is good and bad, as it just means that I have to make up for lost time this afternoon! I'll post pictures as soon as I can get my husband to download them to a memory stick, he's a busy guy!

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Terri said...

Do NOT tell me how high he was! Just don't! :) Still, I'm glad he helped - he's a good boy. As for the other, more selfish nephew, if you were to be too busy to help him the next time he wants something it wouldn't hurt my feelings... any more than it hurts yours when I remind a certain princess that I can't play with her if she's naughty to her Mama! :)