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Monday, December 8, 2008

Coincidence? I think not!

It appears that Susie and Leedra were right - the "D" episode has not gone away!
This was an innocent "gift" from a co-worker who stated she won the shirt as a boobie prize but thought I might like it!!!!!

If only they remembered the good things as long as they do the errors!

If you're not getting the reference please read my post from November 25th. It is tooooo embarrassing to mention again!


Susie said...

Melissa maybe they'll forget one of these days, right? Obviously not anytime soon but one day.........

Mildred said...

Some things they never forget!!!

Daisy said...

I got the reference. HA HA HA HA HA HA! :D

Thistledew Farm said...

Daisy, that is not funny - you did not need to put a D for your smily face in your comment!!!!!

Yarn Princess said...

Melissa, when I was about 18-19 I came home real late one night. The next day I had trouble finding the bra I had taken off the night before. Not really looking my mother found it. In the freezer!

How it got there I have absolutely no clue.

It wasn't embarrassing until she started telling my friends (and hers!) about it.