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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Muffin Post before it's to late....

Terri made some awesome energy muffins and gave me one, which I took for breakfast this morning. I am blogging about it very quickly because I am certain she laced it with arsenic.... The tricky thing about arsenic is that it takes a while to catch up to you, so you see, I really don't know how long I have until it keels me over,..anyway, the muffins were really good. Packed with fiber, flax seed, fruit, wheat....very yummy. She was looking for an alternative to sugary breakfast foods that are portable. She gets up really early and her breakfast wears off before lunch....these are the perfect solution.

Since it's been a few hours since I ate the muffin, it appears I'm safe for another day, concerning the arsenic.

If you haven't watched Arsenic and Old Lace as a stage show, you really should or check out this link which is a synopsis of the play/ is hilarious - CHARGE!!!!!

I hope all of you had a great T-day holiday! I did. The best thing about the weekend was I had plenty of time to bond with Ashley, aka The Princess. The weather was mostly rainy and living the hippie life in a motorhome encourages closeness and bonding! Lucky for me Ashley has turned into a very entertaining reader with a very theatric reading voice - especially for an eight year old. Her oration is engaging and she has a nack for different voices and mimicing accents. Last summer on NPR they showcased a competition of dramatic poetry reading. I am going to look into it and see if she can start pursuing that as a goal....what fun! I'm not real sure where she gets the drama from.....

We read Roddy Doyles The Giggler Treatment....totally hilarious, it's about dog poo! As you know everyone poops and it makes a hilarious topic for a children's book!

We also read The Miraclous Adventures of Edward Tulane by Kate Dicamillo - this was another non-stop read. Each chapter forced you to read on to either "rescue" Edward or see what would happen next. It was a heart wrenching tale - and a must read if you have any child in your life from 7-12. It is a great read aloud.

We've just started E.B. White's The Trumpet of the Swan, it is as good as Charlotte's Web. I had not read this growing up and wonder why popular culture has skipped over it and went for Stuart Little, also by White.

We got our books from the Public Library - I'm a big fan of library's and I'll bet their readership is way up with this economy.

I also had some time to catch up on my crocheting - finished a custom order scarf and working on those scrumble bags I keep saying I'm going to post a how to about....maybe this week!

Once you're done here pop over to Brandyanne's - she's having a giveaway!


Mildred said...

The muffins sound yummy! I'm glad you and your daughter are enjoying the library - sounds like you've got a good selection for those rainy days!

Susie said...

Public libraries are great! We use to go all the time when I was a child. I remember thinking how neat it was to get to take the books home. Since you didn't croak from the muffins Terri needs to post the recipe. Sounds yummy!

Daisy said...

Hurray libraries--ha ha!

I liked reading about you sharing books with your daughter. I have very fond memories of reading to my two sons when they were younger. I loved the children's books as much, if not more, than they did. They are 14 years old and 18 (almost 19) years old now, so they are no longer interested in story time. Enjoy it while it is here. :)