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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We're Insulating! Hurray!

Yes folks, you heard it right - the hippie life may actually be coming to a close! One day soon, we'll be moving into an actual house - with plumbing, and heat, and a stove! Oh happy day.

Super Hubby is insulating even as we speak. Thursday the dry wallers come to work their magic and turn a building into a home! We've picked out colors and nobody has any bruises - there was even some compromising! I can't wait to start painting - or watching Super Hubby paint because I am not up to the standards our house deserves when it comes to painting walls! I am very messy! I often have to have textured walls to cover the drips!

I received my ribbon iron and will try it out soon and post about it (I won the ribbon iron in a giveaway. Very cool!

I am catching up on a few things and then Friday afternoon it's off to Windy Meadows farm in Louisville KY and then up to my Mom's in central Indiana. This will be my last post until December 29th. I hope you all have fabulous holidays! I hope I get the last four gifts done before Dec 25th and I hope none of my siblings are leaving Mom's before Christmas, because their gifts won't be done!!!!! It is sad, but I have procrastinated this year - actually I didn't get the creative ideas until late - it's not my fault that the Muse didn't speak to me in a timely manner, who can control a Muse?

Happy Holidays!


Susie said...

Whoever thought insulation would sound so wonderful!?!?!? I can feel the excitement in your words.

Be real safe in your travels and have a wonderful Merry Christmas with your family!

Mildred said...

Good for you Melissa. I know you are excited. The fun part is coming up now with the house. Hope your holidays are safe and that you enjoy every single minute. Thanks again for my beautiful crocheted hat - I sure do love it. Merry Christmas.

Amy said...

Yeah on insulation and dry wall!

At least you got a word from the muse! All I got was mice!!

Merry Christmas!!

Daisy said...

Yippy! Woot Woot! I'm happy for you, Melissa. :D
Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Have a merry Christmas and a safe trip....blessings, marlene

Kitty Scraps said...

I live in an old house and insulation sounds divine to me! *smiles*

Your crocheted purses are lovely! I wish I knew how to crochet!

日月神教-向左使 said...