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Friday, March 27, 2009

Finishing Up Friday!

Yesterday I started a fiber project - yes I know you find that hard to believe. At this moment your mouth is hanging open and you are just finishing up the end of a long incredulous sighing "nnnnaawww".

Here is what I'm working on... a crocheted sachet - garnished with a delicate pansy and some ribbon.

Do you know who it's for? Possibly one of you. Terri (that's her to the right) over at Clay Hill Farm is sponsoring a giveaway and I so graciously agreed to be a part of it - she is so cool to let me join in~!
Terri's portion is a really cute tote bag which she'll fill with Easter goodies. My portion is a crocheted sachet.

While looking for an appropriate item to crochet my thoughts turned to Spring - I know - you're thinking I'm a mind reader, your thoughts are on Spring too right? Aren't I like --- AMAZING?

One of my favorite spring flowers is the Pansy. Any type of pansy - plain, ruffled, old fashioned, viola, yellow, pink, blue, purple, orange....

Now for the lecture portion of my post: The word pansy comes from the French pensee or pensie which means remembrance. So named because the first occurrence of the wild pansy was found in a French field after the 4th century. The origin of the plants we now call pansy began in Iver, Buckinghamshire, England in the 1800's by two guys messing around crossing Viola species.

These plants are easy to propagate and take little care to grow. Water and sunshine that's all they really need as they are pest resistant. Their enemies are drought and heat. Believe it or not pansies can have a delicate aroma in the early morning and at dusk when the humidity is high. The yellow and blue ones are more likely to have a smell.

Both the leaves and flowers of pansies, and violas for that matter, are edible and high in vitamins A and C. (I recommend using organic ones or grow your own to avoid pesticide/herbicide ingestion. The flowers impart a strong flavor and can be used to make syrup, flavored honey and salads. Both the leaves and flowers can be used as a garnish, such as on cold fruit or cream soups. The flowers are also useful as a dye. I like to freeze pansies and violas in an ice ring and add them to a punch for a pretty touch - especially for Mothers Day celebrations.

The most important reason I like pansies is because I can indulge my passion. I love to deadhead flowers. You know my motto - "Off with their heads". It is a stress reliever for me and an obsession - I can't hardly pass a bed with spent flowers without deadheading. It is embarrassing sometimes - especially if I am around a certain person, who shall remain nameless, who considers my passion - planticide! But she must concede that I have prolific blooms on my pansies and petunias.

So my Spring fever has led me to crochet a sachet which I shall include in Terri's giveaway. Don't forget to sign up by tomorrow and Think Spring!


Mildred said...

You do such lovely crochet work! I laugh when you speak of dead heading. I gave my brother some black eyed Susans and explained all about dead heading. He didn't hear a word I said!!!!!!!

Pigeon said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
First time commentors go through moderation, but if you come back, future comments will go straight through. I love your site. You share a lot of good information about lots of things that interest me. I'll be back!

Deb said...

that is really nice! thank you for stopping by to visit, hope you come back soon

Terri said...

I knew you would come up with something spectacular and you did not disappoint!! You are the most awesome partner-in-crime EVER, and I do mean EVER!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful piece of crochet. Someone is going to be very lucky to win that in the giveaway.

Susie said...

Yep, my mouth just about did fall down to my chest. I figured you were so busy with that new home and getting things moved in.

Thanks for taking the time out to do your cute little project. I hope I win!!!

Amy said...

That is a beautiful pansy and sachet! I want to win Terri's giveaway! Wonder what my odds are? I always try to deadhead my flowers.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Is it Melissa? I'm so bad with names...

We looked at homes for sale around Maryville and Walland...we drove in the back way the first time we came in which was 321 through Lenoir City.

I crochet so I had to go visit the yarn shop in downtown Maryville...very nice! and very nice owner. I think there is a Hobby Lobby in Maryville, isn't there?

Then we headed over towards the park and that's where we landed! :0)

This is so great..we must get together once I get settled..I will not be there for another month. I would love for you to keep me updated on how the weather is. We still have another large moving truck to get up the mountain...haha and the last mile into out cabin is very windy and up hill so the weather has got to be right.

Woohoo....I manifested someone in my area..hahaha..I kept telling myself that all the ladies I visit with in blogland that there must be one near me. :0)

Talk to ya soon,
Queen of Dreamsz

marmee said...

such lovely thoughts of spring you are having. pansies are some of my favourites too. happy spring day to you.

marmee said...

i understand i have to leave a skunk comment here too.
when our son, we have three boys and three girls. but this particular son got given the name skunkaroo and just loves it when we bring it up around anyone, he's 21 now.

em's scrapbag said...

I love pansies also. I learned a song about them when I was little and they have been a favorite since.

Daisigirl said...

Found you at Apron Goddesses. Thank you for the flower history lesson. I enjoyed it very much! Have a great day!

em's scrapbag said...

Sorry I didn't leave the words to the pansy song earlier. They are...
Little purple panseys touched with yellow gold.
Standing in the corner of the garden old.
We are very tiny but must try, try, try,
Just one spot to gladden you and I.

Daisigirl said...

I have a few doilies and I love them! I can't believe the work that goes into making them. I would never have the patience for it! Thanks for following me! Have a wonderful day! :0)

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hey there,

The zen area sounds perfect and the crafting *meeting* would be great..I can do the same at my place since I've got the lower level I will be setting up as all studio area. Thanks for the weather report..


Milah said...


Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I've been reading yours and the house you are building is awesome! I hope you stop back by and I'll be visiting yours.


Daisy said...

Such a pretty sachet, Melissa. Off with their heads! HA! :D

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