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Monday, March 9, 2009

Wow What A Weekend

We worked very hard this weekend and I think I can see a light at the end of the tunnel...let's all say a silent prayer that it's not a train!

The painting is all finished - ok not all finished. There is the pocket door in the master bedroom and touch up paint. Then it will be done - until it's time to change things (which might be a while before I want to look at a paint can again!). Most of the kitchen and laundry room are tiled and we covered the window seat cusions. Of course I didn't download the pictures - I'll get those this week sometime....

I wanted to share with you pictures of my studio and the cork flooring. It is wonderful stuff. The benefits include being softer to stand on, material is a renewable resource (only the bark is harvested and regrows within nine years.) and it comes from the mediteranean, and is a fab color. This cork is Lisbon Cork in the color/style Monet. You do have to treat it gently, no water on it, no stilletos, and gentle wear - it should be perfect in the studio and inspire me to be creative!

Here the Princess is telling you that she was in-charge of keeping the stock pile up.

The instructions said lay the cork on under layment and connect the pieces by gently tapping into place until you hear the "click". Obviously who ever wrote these had not actually done the process. It took much more than gently tapping and we messed up a few edges before we got the right combination of rubber mallet, shim and angle correct. It definately takes a strong person to install this stuff.

Once we got the hang of it we zipped right along.

Even had time for a quick break....doesn't the chocolate look fab next to my hep green wall? I really need to get better lighting so you can get the full effect of the green - it looks like lime yellow here.

Three hours later....and it was all done.

We had a little bit of left over supplies and as you expected The Princess turned them into a costume....

The final to do list is pretty short -
Put railing up where the dirt is more than two feet below the porch.
Plumb the kitchen - sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher
tile the master shower
build master bath countertop
grout kitchen and master bath
finish hanging trim
install propane tank
touch up paint
Apply for certificate of occupancy!
Maybe this is the last week of construction!


Tami said...

Love the color of the new flooring.....I so need an outfit like that too! Cute!!

Have a wonderful day!

Terri said...

The photos really don't do it justice - I think you're going to have to host a bloggers weekend retreat so people can see it in person! :)

Susie said...

It sounds like it is finally coming together. Cute pics of the princess. She obviously knows how to have fun even during work!

TattingChic said...

How very cool that you are installing your own flooring! Good for you. It does look nice! Wow! That is some "to do" list you've got there! You are a very ambitious couple! :)

Amy said...

The Princess is so adorable! Beautiful cork floors--I'm glad to know about the special treatment! I had thought about putting them in my kitchen!

Daisy said...

Melissa, the flooring looks great! Everything is coming together so well. I'm so happy for you. :)

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