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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Put Your Money...

...where your mouth is! Or, your crochet, that is! This is Terri from Clay Hill Farm, letting everybody know that I will honor the extra ten entries my partner in crime so rashly promised, IF Melissa will put one of her crochet creations in the tote for the lucky winner. What say you, folks? Don't you think she should take part?

Mildred can attest to Melissa's crochet skills - while my creations may have wonky bits, Melissa's truly don't. This is why I think she is an alien. I mean, really - what earthling can do perfect work??? And it's also why the were-skunk likes her so much, and why she keeps sending it to my house to dig in my compost pile.

So, neighbor, whaddaya say? Will you participate? Or will you chicken out like a yellow-bellied SKUNK??? :)



TC said...

I reckon I'm in. (Although I've no clue what a "were" skunk might be.) I also think I'm in for the very odd reason that I like "wonky bits." (I've no clue what they are either!)

Beverly said...

Hi Terri....I stopped by to see how the house is coming. The paint looks great...cannot wait to see how the fireplace finishes up! Oh, I long to be this far along. We now have elect. roughed feels like things are so slow. September is a long way off!

Cheers to you!!
Bee Haven Acres

Lisa said...

you two are just having a blast over there on that bit of land. Maybe that were skunk will scare off the were rabbit with a blast in the face. lol I've had such fun reading that I've forgotten what your first post was about lol Maybe you should leave some bits of food on her porch so she can meet the were skunk up close and personal. hahaha

Yarn Princess said...

Hmmm... I don't think I have seen a yellow bellied skunk. Granted the only ones I have seen are not moving but on the road and in books or on TV but the white part is usually on the top... and the black part on the bottom. Where do you find the yellow????

Daisy said...

I think whatever Melissa makes will be lovely! And I don't think Terri's totes have any wonky bits either! HA!