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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another 24 hours - another three hats!

I am addicted - you have sent me over the top....I now feel guilty if I don't get three hats done every 24 hours....remember I have to work (which is really unrealistic when it's craft fair season! Show some compassion will ya?!!!!)

Most things at ThistleDew are revolving around hats, but not everything. Dan finished up the house siding - with the help of two brothers and two nephews and a bucket of KFC (yuck! and wow how expensive!) So here's what I see when I pull up to the farm after a day at work!!!! Aren't I lucky? but it's been a long time comin' I can assure you!

Yesterday I worked on Daisy's hat idea during lunch and finished up after supper -
This hat looks very cool - it is chock full of textured stitches - I didn't want to put a brim on it because I did some fun stitches toward the bottom, but Daisy must have her daisy. (I think I'll work on more petals if Daisy wins the competition) - My daughter wanted this hat immediately. She thinks black is tres chic, so chic in fact that I made her pinkie swear that she would never get black fingernail polish - I am pretty lenient about colors of fingernail polish - after all if you can't wear glow in the dark vibrant yellow polish as a little girl, when can you wear it? And also who are they making it for????? Anyway I digress....back to the hats....

I found some fun fur - ok I confess I picked it up from a chain store yesterday because I was having fun fur withdrawal - and as predicted when I got home and opened up some found yarn stash boxes - there right on top were a few skeins of fun furrrrr...go figure! This is a little girls hat - who can resist pink!

This morning I woke up early and whipped out this fab red with jewel tone accents sprinkled throughout....

Ashley hated this one - it wasn't black! She did agree to model it for me....sorry Mr Kool-Aid, Jiff and Bounty (the quicker picker upper.)

I am off this afternoon to my Mom's for the craft fair and post will be Tuesday with the results of the craft fair and who's hats got the most ooooh's and aaaahh's....good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway posted November 3rd . I will close the entries on Tuesday after I return and post the result Wednesday.


Daisy said...

Ah...I love the black one! You did a great job. And the little daisy is just how I imagined it. :D The others are very pretty too. The fur is definitely a fun addition. Good luck at the craft fair! I hope things go well for you there. Thanks for the link too! :)

Terri said...

Have fun - I'll miss hanging out this weekend but I'll get caught up on the studying and then we can play next weekend! Sell lots of hats!


Leedra said...

Ok, from this I can see you are not downtown Knoxville. See you have some land, and now understand the well excitement. Never know what will happen when they start the process. Afraid we might think we were drilling for oil at the cost of it. You were lucky!

Susie said...

Have fun at the craft fair! How you make lots of bucks!

Your home is gorgeous. Love that setting!