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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hats, Hats Everywhere Hats!

You guys are so awesome!!!!
I am getting up at 4 am to work on hat ideas you all have submitted for my challenge/giveaway.....I have three I made since yesterday to show you...

The first one was inspired by Marmee - She wanted a snood - I thought snoods were those little bun covers ballerinas wore but Marmee says her idea of a snood is a cross between a beret and a cap. She loves jewel tones and included deep red as a choice. I happened to have a very lovely cranberry red chunky wool that I pared with a slightly duller red to make the cranberry pop and give more bulk. I made a beret out of it - I hope this is close to Marmee's snood! I have a feeling she wanted more snooding - I picture Scarlet O'Hara with that black net thing on her hair... This hat looks better on a live head, gives it more of a beret look. Notice the back covers a little more of the neck to the ears. One ear would be covered by the beret portion if chosen to wear that way. What do you think?

My next attempt was from Lisa's suggestion - she wanted naturals. I found this super chunkie yarn in my stash, it has naturals and greens in it. I started with it and decided to add chocolate wool paired with a specialty yarn in neutrals that changes every 20 feet or so. Then I thought I'd do the brim in alpaca and mohair really long so you could fold it up a few times and make it really thick... Lisa wanted ear flaps, which I will work on one of that ilk, but I really liked the alpaca over the ears so thick it has a sort of Russian look to the hat....well I got mostly done this morning before leaving for work and then didn't like the wide bands of color -

I'm going to rip it out tonight and make the bands smaller in a striped pattern - I think it'll give more continuity........what do you think?

During my lunch hour I whipped up one similar to what Hannah described -

She didn't have a color preference but wanted a roll up brim. This one is a small brim, I'll work on some a bit thicker. I thought it might also fit the bill for Mildred's suggestion, but when I re-read her message the colors are wrong....

Mildred wanted Peachy-Pink, Aqua and Yellow - reminescent of her Grandmothers Hull vase...I'll keep working on it....

Am already thinking about Daisey's suggestion - Black, loose fit with small daisey's on the brim....stay tuned - if you have suggestions, make sure you go to Nov 3rd's post and get in on the fun!

I wish I had more time - I love making these suggestions! What a crafters dream!


Shannon said...

Wow! You are one talented lady! Those are beautiful!

GNG Girl said...


I am stumped b'cuz I haven't worn a hat since I was little, I looove them though!
I am growing out my hair so I can have braids & wear hats-Ha! (Seriously, I am!) :)
I have forwarded this to my sis in law & niece so they can help me!

You're so very talented! :)

Daisy said...

These hats are so cool! You are so creative. :-)

I just put up a post about your giveaway. I borrowed some of your photos to include there. (Hope that is ok with you.)

Hope you have a great day!

Mildred said...

What talent and enthusiasm you have. All of these latest creations are beautiful and I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite. Don't you love it when the creative juices are flowing and your fingers just can't crochet fast enough?!

Amy said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! I love the natural one!

Susie said...

I don't know who's having more fun, we bloggers making suggestions or you crocheting them!

Debra said...

I amazed at how fast you can crochet! They are all wonderful!

*hannah* said...

Your hats are gorgeous!Thanks for linking to my blog

Lisa said...

ok finally I have time to reply. Yeah I saw the hat when you posted it and I haven't had the chance to tell you your hats are awesome !! I wish you lived closer so I could come invade the wine chats and crochet with you some night for fun. The colors are great and it looks very cozy !! Thanks for thinking of me !