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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Color Wheel

Thank you to those who helped rev up my color stagnation.....I don't know why I was stuck in the neutrals, but you all pulled me out.

Terri at Clay Hill suggested muted tones of orange and soft forest green. That looks good!

Mildred at Nalley Valley loves deep orange and rust in Autumn. And her exotic color combo suggestion came from an old Hull vase that belonged to her Mother: rose, yellow and green.

Ashley my daughter loves black teal and vibrant magenta this year. I made her a hat and she got so many compliments on it - I'm making one for the craft fair.

Wolfie from Cherish Yesterday came up with orange, red and yellow for her favorite fall combo...she couldn't think of an exotic combination...yet. I do like the traditional fall combination she suggested.

Going through the yarn box (one of ten, at least I found one), I came up with buff alpaca and lavender cotton- looks warm and inviting. I found a good combo of aqua mohair and lime wool for a cool texture and color combo. Forest green brushed wool and purple smooth wool look interesting together.

I also had a skein of variegated alpaca and this parrot yarn in bright pink. The hat reminds me of Indian Corn - maybe I should have trimmed it in a fall color rather than pulling the pink.....hmmm.

What's your favorite wild color combination?

OK - if you're not into wild, what's your favorite fall/winter combo?

What color combo would you wear with your winter coat this year?

Well tomorrow is the craft fair so all my time tonight will be doing last minute stuff I should have done weeks ago. I've got to price everything, find the table clothes, and get change....


Mildred said...

Mildred is at Nalley Valley. Love to hear about all the color combos.

Thistledew Farm said...

Thanks, Mildred, I fixed you up. I pulled one of the blogs you follow rather than you! Sorry.....Wish me luck at the craft fair tomorrow!

Mildred said...

I wish you lots of success and a grand time!!!!!