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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Exellence Awards - Drum Roll Please

I have decided to get into the awards game.

It's really hard to select from all the blogs I check in on so I made up categories to justify my picks...(there's supposed to be five blogs you nominate)

Inspired Writer Blog

Least Amount of Time to Blog Blog

Blog That Inspires Me to Create

Blog I Like to Steal Ideas From

Living The Dream Blog

After you select your five, you've got to write a post about the blogs you picked and link back to them. Then, don't forget to let them know you gave them an award.

I selected Use Real Butter as my Inspired Writer Blog - the first time I read her blog I was so inspired by her story it compelled me to read all about her. I visit her site most days - she has the most beautiful pictures to go with her stories! Great Job!

Least Amount of Time to Blog Blog has to go to Terri at Clay Hill Farm. If you read her blog from yesterday which depicts a typical day for her, you'll know what I mean. Keep in mind that she has gone back to University at 40 something!

The Blog That Inspires Me To Create is Manisha at Indian Food Rocks. She got me involved in the National Blog Month (see you all there next year) and also invited me to participate in the Traveling Masterpiece....way cool - I am already thinking about what I'm going to add to the painting and participating in National Blog Month has introduced me to lots of blogs which inspired me to step up the game on my blog!

The Blog I Like To Steal Ideas from is Amy at Life In Pink Hi-Tops....sorry Amy, but I steal your ideas ALL the time - as a matter of fact the recipe of the day is from her site....I made the meatballs last night and I was a hero!!!! I just love your logo also - who did the watercolor for it? Pink is my favorite color!

Many of you are living the dream life - that's why you blog! Show offs! But I have had a long standing dream to go to Africa and stay for six months or so....Lynda from Food, Fun and Fast Life in East Africa always has such exciting adventures...she is always going off on safari or passing along a cool recipe....ahh the life!


Amy said...

Thanks Melissa! My header is an actual picture of my pink hi-tops that I very handily edited!! Clever, huh? I did it on!! I'm so glad the meatballs were a hit! Thanks again Melissa!

Manisha said...

Hey Melissa! Thanks for the award! I am thrilled that I inspire you to create!

Thistledew Farm said...

I just realized that I misspelled Excellence - Don't worry my incompetence doesn't take away your award!

Lynda said...

Thanks so much for this lovely award, I'm honoured ! Thanks, too, for the compliment re. my blog & I'm so glad that you enjoy it .... I find the blogging community a wonderfully supportive community of likeminded people, & am pleased to have you as a blogging friend !
Bye for now

Jen Yu said...

M - you are so sweet. Thanks for the award and for your incredibly kind words. xxoo!