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Friday, October 24, 2008

Put the Garden to Bed

Yesterday I finished up my fall chores. The garden beds are all tucked in and ready for the winter. I dug up and potted the plants that are to tender to winter over, harvested the last of the wildflowers seeds, and put everything that requires darkness (mostly seeds and bulbs) into sacks and boxed them up. What a surprise I'll get next spring but, it was bittersweet! I am usually ready for fall, but as I may have previously mentioned I am bahhh humbug about fall and winter this year.

I had such a fun time creating things that are on my land (finally, after 23 years moving around where the Marine Corps told me to go and making a place home but only for three years at a time, it is nice to think of myself as being in a permanent location.) I had so many ideas I didn't have time to bring to fruition this summer. Another season passing just reminds me of my mortality! I generally think I am invincible but for some reason this Fall reminds me that I'm not - next Spring I will be revived again, but for this short period I feel sad. Most unusual for me 'cause I love Carmel Apples, crisp leaves and that smell in the air only fall can bring!


Lisa said...

I have to agree with you about it being bitter sweet when fall comes in with the cold weather. Fall is my favorite season but I do start to wish for when the plants come back and think of all the things I didn't do. I think your right about it reminding me of my age. Next year I'm going to put in my Koi pond that I've wanted since I moved in. It just doesn't seem like home with out fish in the back yard ! I hope to accomplish at least half of my gardening ideas next year. I hope I hope !

Thistledew Farm said...

We should make a garden wish list for our New Years Resolution - and then compare this time next year and see how far we got. It will be fun to see what we did instead of the stuff on our list!