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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Windy Meadows Weekend

Our Fairy Excursion at Windy Meadows was awesome. Leslie (PhD in Folklore) kept the children mesmerized....
there were 19 girls from age 4 through 13 and they all enjoyed it! There was not one skinned knee, no tears, no bickering and lots of smiles! After check in Leslie took the girls on a nature walk in search of fairies or the evidence there of. Not the Disney type of fairy, the woodland fairy that exists in nature; if you listen hard enough you can hear them and maybe even see evidence of them. The girls collected fallen objects to use for a fairy wand. The picture above is of Ashley, aka The Princess, with her wand. Ellie had collected shed wool from alpaca's and sheep and collected horse hair from her grooming of the horse tails. These items were put together with amazing creativity by the girls and most were suitable for display in a nature museum... who would have thought such works of art could be developed with so little. Deb, another sister-in-law, brought a load of pumpkins with her and each girl selected one to take home. Leslie then entertained the girls with story time where she dressed up and read a story and told several stories from memory. The girls were enthralled and all wanted more but those activities took us up to tea time. Mr. Barkley the Jack Russell steiff bear hosted the tea party. Ellie had decorated the living room at the big house like a fairyland. The chairs were decked with over sized silk flowers and each table had a multicolored tea set on a brightly colored silk tablecloth. Fresh flowers were everywhere so the house even smelled like a fairyland. In the entrance hall Ellie had arranged her exotic hat collection on a tiered hat stand and the girls were able to try a few on. The afternoon ended with new friendships being formed and great memories that these girls will cherish for a lifetime. A few of us stayed over night in the apartment and woke up to the sounds of a working horse farm. My daughter Ashley and her new found friend Rebbecca helped water the horses and enjoyed running free with only their imagination restricting them. They definitely had a great time. It took us a few minutes to find them and convince them it was time to head home. We continued the creativity all the way home by singing silly songs, telling stories and talking about our favorite things from the weekend! If you have an opportunity to go to Windy Meadows for one of their weekends or have them develop one for you, you won't regret it! I'll post some pictures when Christiana sends them over to me.

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Peggy said...

I am jealous! That sounds like the perfect relaxing day of making memories.

Amy said...

Sounds like everyone had great fun--especially with no tears or bickering! Sounds like heaven to me.

Terri said...

That was such a fun weekend - thanks for letting me tag along!