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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Craft Show Success

My work had a craft fair/fall festival today. They let employee crafters bring in their stuff and set up a booth free of charge. They also invited the entire 4000 workforce and enticed them to come with a free sack lunch! Is that not awesome?

I had a great time. I did pretty well, made enough to hit the next craft fair by my Mom November 8th. It is in Kokomo Indiana.

It is funny, you learn so much from the first fair of the year. I found out this year that I don't have enough items for guys. Don't know why I don't....guys where hats also! Anyway, I think I'll make a few and if they don't sell in Indiana, they will be ready for this show next year.

Thanks for those who gave me best wishes and also for the color suggestions. I have two weeks to replenish the stock and I'll use your suggestions - I have most of the colors in my yarn stash - which is larger than the normal stash!


Mildred said...

Congrats on the craft show! I have a sister in Bloomington IN - is Kokomo anywhere near there?

Terri said...

Hooray on the water and hooray on the craft show!! I promise to be more help with everything next year - right now I think they're trying to kill me! :)


Amy said...

Congrats on water and the show! That is really awesome!

Susie said...

Hi there, Found your blog through Mildred. I think it is great you are able to sell your handiwork. Your hats are really cute.