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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tonight at ThistleDew

Tonight, the family is going out! You heard me, Super Hubby is going to be torn away from the never ending house building project courtesy of Ashley aka The Princess.

Ashley participated in a Social Studies project which required posters, a binder, and a written report. 3rd - 5th graders each had a category and lots of rules to follow. Ashley's category was Communities and the topic she chose was the Assateague Ponies off the Virginia coast. Our hard work paid off and she took 2nd place among the 3rd graders at Friendsville Elementary School, which entitles her to proceed to the County level. She is very nervous about it as she doesn't like strangers to stare at her. We practiced to get the nerves out and appealed to her conservation mentality so hopefully her duty and responsibility will get her over the nerves....

I had some great inspiration for color combinations which should inspire me to create. I seem to be stuck in a neutrals zone which is very uncharacteristic of me! I am generally a wild colors and strange combination kind of girl.....I'll let you know how it works out!


Mildred said...

A hearty congratulations to Ashley! You all deserve a night out to celebrate. Just remind Ashley those are not strangers just friends she has not yet met!

Amy said...

Yeah for Ashley!! That is really awesome. I know mom is really proud!