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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Potato Soup with fresh herbs

Last evening I made an awesome Potato Soup. I will attempt to tell you about it!

I peeled two potatoes and then the Princess peeled 4. We laughed and giggled - I'm not sure how many of those you should put in but probably as much as your kettle will hold.

I then filled the pot half-way with milk and 1/4 way with water. Added the potatoes and a whopping scoop of butter. Then I went out to pick some fresh herbs. It was great because even though the summer harvest is over - the herbs are still plentiful. I collected the tender tops of two 2" pieces of rosemary, three sprigs of curly parsley and three bay leaves.

I peeled six cloves of Mother of Pearl White softneck garlic. I planted my garlic bed on Sunday and had a few of the smaller cloves left over from each bulb...waste not want not. I chopped two stalks of celery and two halves of green peppers I had in the freezer from the summer pepper bonanza my friend experienced.

I chopped up the herbs (except the bay leaves - I plopped them in whole) and veggies and into the pot they went. I added 3/4 of a leftover store bought pork roast diced up - probably about 4 oz. I liberally doused the pot contents with garlic salt and fresh pepper.

I had to let the pot sit for an hour while I showed off the house to the neighbors who had walked up to take a peek. About an hour later I put the pot on to simmer - this took about 30 minutes. I snuck a bowl and it was the most wonderful herbal potato soup ever! What a wonderful meal out of leftovers and giggles!
This Indeed Will Do!


Terri said...

I'm sorry for the blogjack, but I wanted you to be surprised! :)It's rare that I can surprise you - you're always a step ahead of me!

The 'tater soup sounds fab - I'll have to try it one night!


Lynda said...

Mmmmm ... this sounds like a really delicious soup, & great fun for the children to join in, too :)

Beehind Thyme said...

Goode Morning...

Thank you for sharing with us the recipe & what fun it can be in the kitchen.

Love your blog... And FIRMLY believe in supporting small business & buying handmade... You go girl!!!

Blessings 2 you on this AuTuMn Day, Pamela