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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poster Session

I know I should be crocheting for the upcoming craft festival on the 30th, but I have so many distractions. This week it was the Social Studies Poster Session for the Princess aka Ashley. We all worked really hard on her project which was on the Assateague Pony community off the coast of Virginia/Maryland. We'll see how things turn out. Dad took a picture so hopefully you'll see that posted tomorrow. I have also signed up to contribute to a traveling work of art - I'll have to think about that one also!

PS the cooking tomatoes down in the crock pot to make them into sauce was a big failure. My last posting on them had them reduced to juice and the juice put in the crock pot. I left it on after I went to bed and my hubby was afraid to leave them simmering on high so he turned it down to low. Nothing was different in the morning (as in no reduction or thickening) and I didn't notice to turn them up to high, so by the time I got home (24 hours on low) they had started to turn dark and smell scorched and had only slightly reduced in volume. I figured more was better so I turned them up to high and went to bed. By morning the juice was nearly black and definitely smelled scorched but nothing was sticking. So last evening I pitched them....note to self, don't make tomato sauce in a crock pot from perfectly good tomatoes. Perhaps I am destined to be a good salsa maker and never a pasta sauce maker! It must be some type of barrier within my soul! Perhaps I don't "want" it bad enough - or maybe it just isn't worth the effort. I found this to be true about corn also - it is hard to grow, takes up a lot of space, messy to put up and cheap to buy frozen! I think I'm going to stick with Sunflowers and Salsa.


Terri said...

I'm with you on the corn - but I say we add herbs to the sunflower mix... herbs are hard to kill, which is definitely my kind of plant right now. And, you'll need fresh cilantro, right? Because you have to make more of that fabulous salsa, or I will shrivel up and die for lack of it!

Kitt said...

Bummer on the sauce. Was the crockpot covered? The volume won't reduce if the water/steam has nowhere to go but back into the sauce.

Thistledew Farm said...

I did try to leave it uncovered but the crockpot doesn't generate enough heat with the lid off...I should have thought about this before I sacrificed a 1/2 bushel of perfectly good roma tomatoes! I should have checked with you Kitt - duh they won't reduce! Add one to the don't repeat column.